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One Day Advanced MS-Project 2003 Workshop

Knowing how to create a task-based schedule (covered in MS-Project 2003 in One Day) is the pre-requisite to this One-Day Advanced MS Project 2003 Workshop.   This product, like all Microsoft desktop tools, is loaded with features most of us will never need.   Our goal is to cover and drill on the limited feature set you will use everyday.

The challenge for all MS Project users beyond the elementary level assigning and leveling resources, based on accurate duration and effort estimates.   We suggest a method to shortcut the confusion of MS Project's five different task types and maddening resource-driven default.   We want you to know who's working when on your project and whether you have assigned them to be more than three places at the same time.

An additional challenge on a large project plan is reducing the key condensing it into a story that fits onto one computer screen or one or two printed pages.   We demystify filters, sorting and reports so you can create cogent information from masses of less important data.

The intricacies of tracking where we are against the original baseline is not one of MS Project's strong points.    We'll show you what can and can't be done and help you understand that the concept of percent complete tells you nothing.

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