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PMNB Three-Day Workshop


The three-day Project Management Nuts & Bolts (PMNB) is a hands-on overview of setting project objectives (Initiating) then creating a project plan, to formally validate the feasibility of those objectives. The plan is then "executed" and teams report status and determine how to get the inevitably "trouble" project back on track.

Day One focuses on Project Initiation, understanding what the client wants and clarifying project deliverables. Day Two covers creating a plan to produce the deliverables within the constraints of time and resources. Day Three includes a more-detailed exercise in Risk Management along with exercises in Executing, Monitoring and Control.

The three-day PMNB allows time for fitting the real-life issues of leadership and communication in between the cracks of technical project management Nuts and Bolts. PMNB follows adult learning principles, balancing instructor-lead lectures and discussions with hands-on excercises. Case studies can be prepared in advance or based on participants' real-life, projects.


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