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Training workshops can be a valuable rocket to boost learning and foment personal and organizational change. But to “sustain flight” and ensure that workshop participants put into practice what they have learned, they need coaching and mentoring.

Mentoring implies that a knowledgeable, often senior, individual imparts wisdom to the person being mentored. This approach may be necessary when there is a significant age or experience gap between the mentor and the one being mentored.

The coaching model suggests that a “player” is on her own and knows how they need to perform. A coach helps the player refine their goals and help remove inner roadblocks they have created for themselves.

Specific coaching and mentoring topics include.

  • Team building: Creating a positive, can-do team culture
  • Improving communication between managers and employees
  • Resolving conflicts, working with difficult people problems
  • Dealing with difficult people, performance management
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