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  Do Your Projects Either Make or Save Money?

January 2002  


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We will get your project rolling
If your company's projects are not earning or saving money, then why are they being undertaken? If they are losing money can you bring them to a halt?

Our project management program trains your staff for faster, more focused results from any project using our three phase approach and processes.

Get your staff up to speed on our three phase Project Management methodology and focus their efforts now.





Top Down Mandate vs. Bottom Up Resistance


Projects usually start with somebody in management having a great idea about how to solve a problem or improve the bottom line. The idea is presented to a team of workers and there is immediate resistance: "There's no way we can do that, by then, with such limited resources." This resistance engenders resolve, even anger on the part of management: "You will do it!"

Team members assent, knowing in their heart of hearts there is no way it will get done. When the project fails to meet its goals, they secretly chortle their "I told you so."

We'd like to help break this cycle by introducing data- driven plans used in good faith negotiations. Let's help the team develop plans based on the reality they perceive of actually doing the work. Management may not completely agree with their formulation but at least both sides have valid positions with which they can come to mutual agreement.


PM Training - Generic or Methodology-Focused


Project Management (PM) Training can be generic, conveying best practices following Project Management Institute guidelines. It can also be designed and targeted to impart a PM Methodology developed in- house. Most companies, however, are not advanced enough in their process maturity to have a codified methodology they adhere to.

Our Project Management Training is generic while jump- starting the development of a company, division or department-wide PM methodology. During training, teams use fictitious or live projects to exercise best practices including templates for agreements, checklists and plans. Your staff is introduced to PM best practices while being tasked with practicing the processes by which they will produce project success. Do you think they will adhere to a methodology they have used in the class room environment? Our experience is that with management support, they will.


Microsoft Project 2000 Wizard Tips


Sensitive communicators speak to all audiences. They know some people are visually oriented and like to see pictures. Others are data oriented and want to see a table with words and numbers.

MS Project 2000 can aid you in reaching both audiences The "Save as HTML" feature allows you to prepare a straight-up presentation of tabular data that anyone with a browser can read. If you know how to customize and sort MSP tables you can further tailor information for specific eyes.

The "Copy Picture" feature (a little camera at the right end of the standard toolbar) lets you take a full-color snapshot of any part of your Gantt Chart, insert it in a document or ship it off unframed to anyone with a browser who wants to see what your schedule is about.


Project Health Check


When you start a family vacation, you've probably got a map in the glove compartment, a plan of where you are going to stay, an agreement with the kids they won't fight in the back seat and a spare tire in the trunk.

When you start a project, do you have a map of where you are going, a timetable of when you are going to get there, written agreements worked out between stakeholders and a well-thought-out risk management plan? If you're not sure of everything you need for your trip, let us come in for a three-day project Health Check.

We'll review your maps and plans and tell you how they rate within Project Management best practices. We'll suggest what agreements might be tightened up to insure client and sponsor expectations are met and see if you properly planned for contingencies. Then you'll be ready to launch that project with increased confidence for success.


What is a Project and Project Management?


A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service. With few exceptions, businesses use projects to make or save money.

Successful projects have

A beginning and an end

Clear leadership

Adequate resources

A documented plan with

Specific deliverables

A project is not...

Successful Project Management (PM) is the structured and repeatable application of discrete, iterated processes of accepted best practices. It includes learnable skills that improve with practice. The skills involved include analytical, communication and interpersonal abilities of the project sponsor, manager and team member.

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