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  Microsoft Project 2000TM Tips and Tricks

February 2002  


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Are you sometimes frustrated when using Microsoft Project 2000TM?
With each new version of this software there are an increased number of features. How many are you using? We have selected three features you will want to know about to increase your productivity when using this software.

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Hard Coding Task ID's


Problem - After entering all the project tasks into the software, setting the dependencies, adding milestones, and summary tasks, you elect to sort the tasks in some way and lose your original task structure.

Strategy - Insert two columns: "Outline Number" and a "Text Field". Copy the Outline Number values into the Text Field before doing any sorting.

Solution - Click in the Task Name column. On the tool bar select Insert : Column. In the Field Name box scroll down to the Outline Number field and select it. Then select OK.

Repeat the Insert : Column and this time scroll down to the Text Field 1 column (or another Text Field if #1 has been used), select it and type the words "Task Number" in the Title Field.

Highlight the Outline Number column, copy and paste it into the Task Number column. You may now delete the Outline Number column. The current outline number is now "hard coded" to each task giving you the opportunity to resort the tasks into their original order by sorting on the Task Number column.


Using the Fill Down Feature


Problem - Do you ever find yourself wondering how to fill in a column of data with the same value?

Solution - With the data element you want to repeat entered into a column in the uppermost cell where the data will be repeated, select that cell and the cells below in that column. On the tool bar select Edit : Fill : Down and the data element will appear in the column where the cells were highlighted.


Linking Tasks, Five Ways


Be careful about linking Summary Tasks. If you do, you will find yourself in the predicament of having to finish all the tasks under the previous Summary Task before starting any of the tasks in the suceeding Summary Task. A better way is to link tasks together and avoid any links to a Summary Task bar.

Here we show you five ways to link tasks using either a mouse or the keyboard. To learn the five ways to link and unlink click on the Full Story below.

Full Story


Using the Go To Button


Have you ever lost sight of the time bars in your Gantt Chart and could not find them? Use the Go To Selected Tasks button. You will find it on the tool bar. It looks like someone's finger pointing at a time bar on a Gantt Chart.

First, have a Gantt Chart view open.

Second, click your mouse on the task you want to view.

Third, click on the Go To Selected Task button and the timebar will appear.


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