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  A Project Manager's Role and Responsibilities

April 2002  


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A Project Manager's Role and Responsibility


A Project Manager has many desirable traits. The PM is strong and can carry heavy burdens. The PM is a veteran of previous projects and has earned a Purple Heart. The PM is also the Sheriff keeping the tasks in line and on track.

Yes, this super-human is the one every sponsor wants to have as the Project Manager for their projects. Let's examine in more detail what roles and from what perspectives the PM is seen.

From the sponsor's view a PM:

Validates the project's objectives and deliverables prior to commencing work

Keeps the Project on track, within budget and scope

Alerts the sponsor when there are roadblocks to clear

Provides periodic project status reports

Manages the day to day issues and team efficiently

From the project team member's perspective the PM:

Secures the necessary resources (time and/or money) to complete the assigned tasks

Communicates to all parties the status of the project tasks

Influences everyone associated with the project keeping it on track

Resolves issues as they arise

Facilitates project meetings

Manages scope change requests

Coaches the project team in their tasks

From the client/customer perspective the PM:

Fulfills the commitments defined in the Project Objective Statement and Project Definition

Periodically communicates the status of the project and any changes

Takes the initiative to resolve issues keeping the project on track

The PM at Work

8 Key Tips for Success as a Project Manager1
1. Care about everything; dwell on nothing
2. Don't wait to be told to do something
3. Develop a keen understanding of human nature
4. Learn the who, when, and how of relying on others
5. Consider technology, people, and business when making decisions
6. Learn how to make decisions with ambiguous, imperfect, or incomplete information
7. Never stop developing your social skills
8. Appreciate the value of being politically savvy
1 Heerkens, Gary. Project Management.
New York: McGraw-Hill, 2002


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Task Numbering in MS Project 2000


Formal project management demands codes or numbers for each task in a Work Breakdown structure. In MS Project choose from the top menu Tools:Options:View Tab: Show Outline Number so that an automatic outline number appears in the task name field. You can also display a default WBS field that holds the same data.

Difficulty occurs when you delete or add a task and MSP renumbers the tasks

Complete article on numbering tasks using MS Project 2000


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