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August 2002  


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The Nuts & Bolts of Project Management

We specialize in assisting corporate and government clients in learning to improve their productivity while planning and executing projects.

Our three-phase approach yields faster more efficient project initiation, planning and execution results.

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This newsletter focuses on Process 1: Strategic Alignment of projects with the higher level organizational objectives.

Each month our newsletter will delve into a specific step in the phases of Initiation, Planning and Execution of projects. Our methodology is applicable to any project in any industry.





Is Your Project Aligned With Organizational Goals?


Projects aligned with departmental & corporate objectives have a greater chance of success.

Projects aligned with strategic objectives

Support strategic growth & changes

Motivate others directly & indirectly connected with the project

Have clear justification

Survive real and apparent changes of corporate direction


Why Projects Get Done


Projects are created to

Make or save money

Increase customer satisfaction

Make a better product

Be more efficient

Make the job easier/safer

The law requires it

Every project should have some kind of business case that explains why the project is being done; considers alternatives; may include a ROI projection; considers the consequences of not doing the project


A Project Objective Statement


A Project Objective Statement (POS) is essential when beginning a project. Its purpose is to make the broad project parameters clear to everyone.

It clarifies what the project is

Spells out critical success factors

Explains why we are doing it

Lays out the approximate timetable

A POS describes in 50 words or less...

Why the project is being done

Who is doing it

What they are doing

By when it will be done

How we will know when it is truly complete

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it. - Albert Einstein

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The Flexibility Matrix


A Flexibility Matrix identifies the relative priority of each of the POS elements. As the project progresses it can change.

Early in the Initiation phase the Project Manager discusses the project priorities with the sponsor/client and places an X in each column by either Resources, Time or Scope. Only one X may be placed in each column. With this as a tool the Project Manager and Project Team can make decisions that are in line with the Project Sponsor's priorities.




We've now seen how you will ensure a solid beginning for your project when you follow these steps:

Understand your project's position within the company or department's strategic objectives

Understand the real reason why a project is being undertaken

Create a simple objective statement that anyone new coming to the project could easily understand

Make the project's priorities clear and explicit


The Final Word


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