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September 2002  


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The Nuts & Bolts of Project Management

We specialize in assisting corporate and government clients in learning to improve their productivity while planning and executing projects.

Our three-phase approach yields faster more efficient project initiation, planning and execution results.

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Each month our newsletter will delve into a specific step in the phases of Initiation, Planning and Execution of projects. Our methodology is applicable to any project in any industry.

This newsletter focuses on Process 2: Adressing Organizational Framework





Project Organization


Every project has people with specific roles:


Client/End User

Project Manager

Core Team

Peripheral Teams

How to do it -
1. Determine the primary project roles
2. Determine who is on the core & peripheral team
3. Obtain buy-in from all stakeholders
4. Create a project roster


How To Motivate People Who Don't Work For You


Make your project interesting and fun

Praise & reward contributors

Inspire buy-in to a higher cause

Speak to their functional managers

Financial incentives

Chocolate, cookies, pizza


Organizational Charts


Organizational charts are useful to communicate
1. Roles and responsibilities
2. Explicit authority lines
3. Who the core and peripheral team members are
4. Who will receive future communications about the project

Since space in our newsletter is limited, click on the link below to learn more about the types of organizations that a Project Manager may operate within.

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Each member of the project team has a specific role.


Secures funding & spearheads project startup

Champions its cause throughout the company

May be the ultimate arbiter

Protects the project from detractors

Clears Roadblocks

Periodically reviews the project's progress

Project Manager

Achieves promised performance

Manages costs

Meets deadlines

Obtains high customer satisfaction

Builds sound relationships

Makes positive organizational impact

Monitors & improves the Project Management process

Client & End- user

Are the real project drivers

Their input can make or break a project

Need to be trained

Must be updated on current events

Team Members

Do the real work

May have technical authority

Take responsibility for being in the know

May be task owners

Others must respect their priorities




In this issue we have seen how & why the following guidelines will help you form a sound organization framework for a project.

Understand what type of organization you are a member of

How to motivate people who don't work for you

The importance of creating a project organization chart

The need to identify key roles on the project & who is playing them

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